One Image From London’s Terror Attack Sparks A Twitter War [Video]

One Image From Londons Terror Attack Sparks A Twitter War

To some, the image of a Muslim woman walking past a victim of Tuesday’s terrorist attack on London’s Westminster Bridge captured a moment of heartless indifference.

To others, the image shows a woman, one hand to her head as her attention is riveted to her phone, trying to cope with the sudden chaos of an attack that left at least four dead and dozens wounded.

The Twitter row was kicked off by a Twitter user who posted the photo with a controversial caption.

Reaction soon followed. Some agreed with the Texan.

Others, however, thought that without knowing her story, attacking the woman was cruel.

Some noted that life in the big city goes on no matter what.

Another Twitter user noted that no one was hurling accusations at a white man who also was clearly not stopping to help a victim.

Some however, noted that they should not be considered equally.

Although British newspapers asked the woman pictured to come forward she has not done so.

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