OJ’s Prison Nickname Is “Stinky” According to Friend, Shows Just How Far He’s Fallen


Former NFL player and movie star O.J. Simpson has become a loser — a “stinky” one, to be precise.

In an exclusive report for Radar Online, it was revealed through a letter written by a fellow inmate that Simpson has developed a tendency to lose control of his bowel movements.

“O.J. is incontinent — he s*** on himself,” wrote inmate Vernon Nelson, who described himself as a buddy of Simpson’s. “I’ve been with him on several occasions where he had these incidents!”

Additionally, it appears Simpson has fallen into mental disarray because his efforts to solicit special treatment from officers at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center did not pan out.

“A guard yelled at him angrily on the bullhorn and told him, ‘Mr. Simpson get your a** back on the other side of the gate with the other inmates — your (sic) not getting any special treatment from me!!!’” Nelson explained. “O.J. walked back to the other side of the gate, stood next to me, dropped his head and started sobbing uncontrollably!”

“He tried to hide his tears behind his sunglasses, but a few people still noticed as he wiped them away,” he added.

He had only himself to blame for those tears of excruciating pain, as it was his own arrogance, pride and selfishness that propelled his tragic downfall and eventual conviction in 2008 for leading the armed robbery of sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong.

He has reportedly also begun showing signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive degenerative disease caused by severe or repeated blows to the head.

“O.J. Simpson is more likely than not to suffer from CTE,” Dr. Bennet Omalu told ABC News earlier this year when reports began to surface that Simpson had requested medical tests for a cancerous brain tumor. “I would bet my medical license on it.”

“O.J. says his memory is slipping, and he gets painful headaches,” an unnamed prison source confirmed with Radar Online. “He has blurry vision, stutters sometimes and has trouble hearing what people are saying to him. At times he feels confused and has unusual bursts of anger and fits of depression.”

From once being a multimillionaire star with the world at his feet to now crying like a baby in the dingy halls of a penitentiary, O.J. Simpson had fallen very far.

His life is testimony to the old saying true that sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to pay.

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