Obama’s Twitter Still Claims The Presidency

Obamas Twitter Still Claims The Presidency

Social media users have noticed an unusual detail about former President Barack Obama’s updated personal Twitter account, and they are right to be suspicious of what it might mean.

Obama’s Twitter profile bio says “Dad, husband, President, citizen.” Short and sweet, but there might be more to it.

Most former presidents do retain the title for life, but they also use the word “former” when referencing themselves, or they refer to themselves by number (Obama is the 44th president) to accurately describe their relation to the office. It appears as though Obama is in denial.

Many people challenged the former president:

Others had a little fun, pointing out Obama’s narcissistic tendencies.

Some people pointed out that Obama had other plans in mind when he updated his profile, suggesting he will be hard at work plotting against President Donald Trump.

Some thought he intended to be a sort of professional rebel:

It’s not far-fetched to think that this subtle change could mean that Obama isn’t finished with his work in Washington.

He continues to reside in Washington while his daughter completes high school, and there are reports that he’s hard at work organizing for action. The former president has reportedly set up a command post in Washington where he can work behind the scenes and solicit activists to work against President Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Obama’s Twitter profile included a link to the Obama Foundation, where the former president was quoted as saying he “won’t stop.” The foundation’s focus is supposedly to work on developing the next generation of citizens.

For Obama, this means the next generation of agitators.

Obama’s Twitter account suggests that he is still a threat to America and the things we hold dear. While he would still like to hang on to the title of president, at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that he isn’t in the White House any longer.

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