Obama’s Statement Supporting Protests Of Trump’s Executive Order Ticks Off MSNBC Host

Obamas Statement Supporting Protests Of Trumps Executive Order Ticks Off MSNBC Host

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticized Barack Obama’s “self-righteous” attitude Tuesday over a statement the former president released which condemned Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

“I’m not toggling both sides, I’m not playing the other side. This is just rank hypocrisy on Barack Obama’s part for being such a huge part in the Syrian refugee crisis,” Scarborough said Tuesday on Morning Joe. “Shutting Syrians out for years and now acting shocked and stunned and deeply saddened that Donald Trump would basically in effect do the same thing.”

The statement, released by Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis, said the former president was “heartened” by the protests popping up around the country in defiance of Trump’s executive order.

Scarborough pointed out the insincerity in the statement, advising Obama to keep quiet about matters he created.

“Barack Obama actually had a de facto ban against Syrian refugees from 2011 to 2015,” Scarborough argued. “The Syrian refugee crisis began because of Barack Obama’s inaction. I think everybody will say, and history will say, the ‘red line’ moment. These seven countries that were selected were selected by Barack Obama. These weren’t selected by Stephen Miller.”

“My point isn’t that Donald Trump implemented this correctly or it should even be implemented. My point is some people should probably keep their mouth shut and not be self-righteous when their policies led us to this stage,” he added.

However, Scarborough was quick to criticize Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller just a day before.

“Stephen Miller better learn very quickly that if you’re going to have the president of the United States sign something, you better check it out with the other agencies,” he said Monday.

Scarborough made fun of Miller’s young age, citing it as the reason this weekend “was a disgrace.”

“By the time you’re 35, maybe you’ll know how Washington and the White House really works,” the Morning Joe host said.

Amid the chaos, Trump still has plenty of defenders willing to support his immigration overhaul. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Tuesday called the president’s executive action “long overdue.”

“As my predecessor, Secretary [Jeh] Johnson liked to say, it is easier to play defense on the 50-yard-line than it is on the one-yard-line,” Kelly said during a press conference. “By preventing terrorists from entering our country, we can stop terror attacks from striking the homeland.”

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