Obama’s No. 1 Regret from His Presidency Is Not Passing Gun Control


As President Barack Obama’s time in office comes to a close (doesn’t that just make you smile?), he is starting to reflect on what he has, and has not, accomplished over the past eight years.

As with most presidents, Obama has several regrets. In an op-ed that he penned for Medium, Obama explained that his No. 1 regret over the past eight years was not passing some sort of federal gun control legislation.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“And for all that we’ve achieved, there’s still so much I wish we’d been able to do, from enacting gun safety measures to protect more of our kids and our cops from mass shootings like Newtown, to passing commonsense immigration reform that encourages the best and brightest from around the world to study, stay, and create jobs in America,” he wrote.

So, Obama doesn’t regret the terror attacks that have rocked the world during his reign. He doesn’t regret the dead Americans that have been slaughtered by radical extremists.

He doesn’t regret letting the Middle East fall to pieces. He doesn’t regret letting China, Russia and other enemies grow in strength while America declined.

What he does regret is not getting “gun safety measures” passed. What a piece of work.

Jan. 20 really can’t come fast enough.

Obama certainly did try during his eight years in office to get gun control legislation passed. Luckily, a Republican Congress was able to stop him at every turn.

If Obama actually cared about gun control (or immigration, for that matter), he could have done something during his first two years in office when Democrats had veto-proof majorities everywhere.

Instead, he rammed through Obamacare (a failure), dabbled with a stimulus package (another failure) and ran the government in such a way that Republicans were elected in huge numbers in 2010.

No amount of gun control legislation that liberals could have thought of would have prevented the Sandy Hook shooting or the other terrible mass shootings that have occurred.

What could have stopped them were armed Americans capable of defending themselves.

Obama may regret not passing gun control legislation, but the American people sure don’t. That’s why they elected President-elect Donald Trump — someone who will defend the Second Amendment.

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