Obama Slaps Widow and 4-Year-Old Son of Fallen Military Hero in the Face With SICKENING “Move” at Funeral


After six U.S. soldiers were killed by a suicide attack in Afghanistan on Dec. 21, President Barack Obama said nothing.

When thousands of uniformed police and military officers filled the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon to pay tribute to one of the deceased, NYPD detective and Air National Guardsman Technical Sgt. Joseph G. Lemm, Obama again said nothing.

He even said nothing when, while Lemm’s funeral, Lemm’s 4-year-old son painfully moaned, “Oh, Daddy, Daddy!”

Obama simply ignored it all.

“The child repeatedly kept going over to the casket, touching it and crying, until a man dressed in NYPD uniform picked the bawling boy, held him close to his chest and hugged and comforted him,” the New York Post explained.

Also present were Lemm’s widow, Christine, and his stepdaughter, Brooke, who thankfully still had thousands of supporters by their side that gloomy afternoon to help them cope with the tragic loss.

As for Obama, well, apparently nothing on Earth — save perhaps the justified shooting of a black thug or the justified arrest of a Muslim punk — would convince him to step away from yet another luxurious vacation in Hawaii, where he continues to wine and dine at the taxpayers’ expensive.

Deadly floods in the continental United States? Nope. The deaths of our servicemen? Naw. The crying tears of a devastated child? Forget about it!

We expect that Obama will likely also remain silent for the funerals of the other servicemen as well, including Maj. Adrianna M. Vorderbruggen, 36, of Plymouth, Minnesota; Staff Sgt. Michael A. Cinco, 28, of Mercedes, Texas; Staff Sgt. Peter W. Taub, 30, of Philadelphia; Staff Sgt. Chester J. McBride, 30, of Statesboro, Georgia.

Many political commentators have speculated over the years that Obama suffers from some sort of pathological condition that prevents him from experiencing empathy.

But Americans will not remain silent about our fallen heroes, even if this president does.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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