Obama Sends Bigger Delegation to Castro’s Memorial Service Than Margaret Thatcher’s… This Is SICK


When the murderous communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died Friday, President Barack Obama issued an astoundingly neutral and mealy-mouthed statement that neglected to mention the horrible atrocities Castro had inflicted on his people for decades and treated him instead as if he were any other respected world leader.

Perhaps owing to his own not-so-hidden Marxist tendencies, some people assumed that Obama might be sending a delegation of high-level administration officials to attend Castro’s memorial service to pay his socialist last respects.

Thankfully that isn’t happening, though Obama has decided to send two members of his administration as an “unofficial” delegation, those two individuals being Obama’s nominee as ambassador to Cuba Jeffrey DeLaurentis and deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, according to UPI.

However, even that “unofficial” delegation was more than Obama sent to mark the death of fiercely loyal U.S. ally and famed British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The U.K. Sun reported in 2013 how disappointed the British were by the fact that Obama didn’t send a single representative of his administration to Thatcher’s funeral, instead sending only two former secretaries of state, George Schultz and James Baker.

“We are a little surprised by the White House’s reaction, as we were expecting a high-profile attendance,” stated a source at No. 10 Downing St., the prime minister’s office.

As was noted by Breitbart, Thatcher had been a staunch ally and close friend of President Ronald Reagan. Their combined strength and determination have often been credited with bringing about the end of communism in Eastern Europe.

Castro on the other hand was an evil communist dictator and sworn enemy of the capitalist United States, a thorn in the side of numerous administrations who nearly turned the Cold War hot during the Cuban missile crisis.

Sadly, it would appear that our current president held a communist dictator in higher regard than a staunch ally who helped oppose oppressive communist regimes.

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Source: conservativetribune.com