Obama Just Did 1 Thing That Could Ensure Dems Lose Florida for YEARS

Obama Just Did 1 Thing That Could Ensure Dems Lose Florida for YEARS

President Barack Obama, who has shown few qualms about inviting illegal-immigrant rapists and potentially radicalized refugees to either seek amnesty or resettle in the United States from the Middle East and North Africa, made it perfectly clear Thursday that he felt otherwise about hard-working Cuban migrants fleeing Communism.

The president announced Thursday his decision to end the 20-year-old “wet foot, dry foot” policy that had permitted Cuban migrants who reached American soil to remain here and eventually become legal residents, USA Today reported.

“Effective immediately, Cuban nationals who attempt to enter the United States illegally and do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subject to removal,” he announced in a statement. “By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries.”

Moreover, he claimed that the Cuban government “has agreed to accept the return of Cuban” migrants and announced that the Department of Homeland Security would end the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program, which had permitted Cuban medical students and patients to work or seek treatment in the U.S.

In defending these decisions, Obama pointed to the the recent normalizing of relations between Cuba and the U.S., or what reporters often referred to as the “Cuban thaw.”

“During my administration, we worked to improve the lives of the Cuban people — inside of Cuba — by providing them with greater access to resources, information and connectivity to the wider world,” he noted, the premise apparently being that the Cuban people had no reason to flee their country anymore.

If that’s so, you’ve got to wonder why they’re still doing it, then.

Even leftist journalist Jorge Ramos has argued otherwise, writing last year in Fusion that about Cuba’s continued dictatorial government, “(F)or the 11 million people living on the island, forgetting is impossible — they live the consequences every day.”

It honestly felt as if Obama’s abrupt decision to turn his back on Cuban migrants was rooted in something else — perhaps a hidden inner distaste for the fact that many Cubans supported President-elect Donald Trump during the presidential election, as Pew Research noted in November.

It was therefore likely this decision (much like all of Obama’s decisions) would negatively affect the Democrat Party — particularly in Florida, which was home to many conservative Cubans who already disliked both the president and his arrogant demeanor.

If 54 percent of Floridian Cubans voted for Trump in October, how many will vote against the Democrats in 2020 as a result of Obama’s most recent move? We can expect that percentage only to rise.

In fact, coupled with how Cuban Floridians already felt about the president, this announcement could very well make certain that Florida remains in GOP control for a very long time.

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