Obama Is About To Bypass The Government This New Rule That Will Kill Us


BREAKING: Obama To BYPASS Government With New Rule That’ll Get Us All Killed

Barack Obama loves to shove laws down the throat of hardworking Americans. He is preparing to bypass Congress and ask the United Nations to pass a new Security Council resolution. It will ban nuclear testing without going through the council first.

According to Western Journalism, Obama is ceding the American control over nuclear testing to the U.N. Obama is giving our powers to the U.N. When the globalists tell Obama to jump, he asks how high.


“This is a plan to cede the Senate’s constitutional role to the U.N. It’s dangerous and it’s offensive. Not only is this an affront to Congress, it’s an affront to the American people,” said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn. “It directly contradicts the processes that are in place to make sure that Congress appropriately weighs in on international agreements.”

*** Here is what it really does!


“What it really does is allow countries like Russia and China to be able to bind the United States over our nuclear deterrent capability without the scrutiny of Congress,” Corker said.


This is another Iran deal. This is going to kill our power abroad. It’s time for Trump. It’s time for a President that brings the world to it’s knees. We used to be a super power. Now, we are just losers.

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Source: usapoliticstoday.com