Obama Floods Nebraska With Refugees as He Nears His Exit


There’s little doubt that President Barack Obama is doing everything he can to resettle as many refugees as possible in the U.S. before he leaves office. The state of Nebraska appeared to be the latest victim of his efforts.

Breitbart reported that Obama relocated 502 refugees into the state in the first three months of the fiscal 2017, according to the State Department.

Since 2003, the highest number of refugees resettled in the state since occurred in 2016, with 1,441 refugees.

The Lincoln journal Star reported in July that Syrian refugees had been entering the state for two months.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that the Cornhusker state led the nation in resettling the most refugees per capita in 2016, according federal government data.

President-elect Donald Trump took Nebraska in the election, along with other rural states that have been on the receiving end of Obama’s refugee program.

In North Dakota, the government resettled 21.6 refugees per 100,000 residents. Kentucky received 19.7 refugees per 100,000 residents. In Arizona, 19.5 refugees per 100,000 residents were resettled. Idaho took 19.0 refugees per 100,000 residents. Trump won those states as well.

Breitbart also reported that Delaware and Wyoming were the only two states that did not receive refugees in the first three months of fiscal 2017.

These numbers indicate that Obama is hellbent on getting the most out of the resettlement program, with little concern for what that might mean to citizens in those areas. Instances of crime and severe illnesses don’t seem to be a deterrent for a president who wants part of his legacy to include making some sort of dent in the Syrian refugee crisis — a crisis his policies helped create.

As usual, Obama has shown Americans that he puts their safety and well-being last in the last days of his presidency.

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Source: conservativetribune.com