“Obama Day” Voted Down by Illinois Lawmakers

Obama Day Voted Down by Illinois Lawmakers

Even though President Barack Obama has been out of the limelight for a few months, many Democrats around the country are still infatuated with him and refuse to accept that his era is over.

In Illinois, Obama’s adopted home state, a piece of legislation was actually introduced that would have made Obama’s birthday, Aug. 4, a state holiday. Thankfully, the legislation didn’t pass.

According to CNN, that the legislation was only defeated by six votes, so it is possible that it could be taken up again. However, the bill got a lot of pushback, especially among Republicans who noted that President Ronald Reagan was actually born in Illinois — unlike the Hawaiian Obama — and he doesn’t get a holiday.

Perhaps Chicago could find a way to celebrate Obama’s birthday. Maybe on his birthday they could read the names of the hundreds of people who were gunned down in the city during his presidency. That’s his real legacy right there.

The Chicago Tribune noted that some Illinois Republicans were willing to get on board with the legislation, but only if it was changed to a more informal day that recognized the president — not a day where the state government was shut down, costing the taxpayers millions.

It is unclear what will happen to the bill now. Perhaps in a few years, the notion of recognizing Obama’s birthday will be laughable once people have finally realized just how destructive his presidency was (especially to the Democrat Party).

This rebuke speaks volumes of how Obama is thought of in his home state. Even right now when Democrats across the country are wishing he were still in charge, they couldn’t get the votes necessary to advance the bill.

If presidents are going to be honored, they should be honored for what they did to better the country, not because Democrats are pouting that they didn’t get their way in the latest elections.

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Source: conservativetribune.com