Obama Commutes Sentences of 330 Felons in Final Act of Office

Obama Commutes Sentences of 330 Felons in Final Act of Office

In a final insult to the American people before he leaves office, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 330 drug criminals on Thursday in one of his final acts as president, Fox News reported.

The commutations granted Thursday raised Obama’s total number of commutations to 1,715 in eight years — more than any other president, and more than the 13 prior presidents combined, according to the Washington Examiner.

The number included 568 convicts serving life sentences.

The 330 commutations on a single day also broke a record, as Obama sought to pursue one of the pet issues of his second term — criminal justice “reform” (which in Obama’s case apparently means trampling on laws he or his base disagree with.)

Of course, the White House didn’t describe it that way.

“The president set out to reinvigorate clemency, and he has done just that,” White House Counsel Neil Eggleston told reporters.

The White House said that it was granting clemency to nonviolent drug offenders, making the move a question of righting “injustice.”

“He wanted to do it. He wanted the opportunity to look at as many as he could to provide relief,” Eggleston said. “He saw the injustice of the sentences that were imposed in many situations, and he has a strong view that people deserve a second chance.”

Right. Which is why, as Breitbart reports, four members of a Mexican drug cartel were among those who had their sentences commuted in the president’s final week in office. Considering they were sentenced to life in prison, it was quite a gift.

Cesar Moreno Sr., Eduardo Moreno, Lazaro Moreno, and Luis Moreno, a group of brothers from the border town of Roma, Texas, were convicted of running a criminal organization that distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of marijuana for the Gulf Cartel.

Now, were the Moreno brothers convicted of committing a violent crime by themselves? No, of course not. They just facilitated the distribution channels of an illegal product that funds one of the most violent, murderous groups of individuals in the world.

That’s the thing that the White House doesn’t like to point out when it comes to these “nonviolent” criminals: These commutations aren’t just the president having mercy on a 19-year-old who got caught with some kush and a pipe in his luggage at the airport and was railroaded by an overzealous criminal justice system. The commutations almost all deal with individuals who facilitated the distribution of illegal drugs by violent criminal syndicates that murder untold thousands of innocent people across our nation and around the world.

That’s what makes this action so disgusting.

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Source: conservativetribune.com