Obama Once Banned Iraqi Refugees from Entering U.S. for 6 Months

Obama Once Banned Iraqi Refugees from Entering US for 6 Months

If a Sunday trip to the airport wasn’t obnoxious enough already, it got worse last weekend when thousands of liberals decided to demonstrate at several airports to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees and travelers from seven countries.

Even though Trump’s order was intended to buttress security and vetting for refugees coming from countries that have significant problems with terrorism, that went virtually unreported among the liberal media, which viewed the demonstrations in a totally uncritical light.

Among the speakers at the rallies was none other than Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who spoke at a protest at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

“It is illegal, it is unconstitutional and it will be overturned,” Warren told the crowd, according to USA Today.

However, there’s one thing you didn’t hear the protesters, the media or Sen. Warren saying this weekend: President Obama did exactly the same thing when he was in office.

According to an ABC News report from 2013, the Obama administration temporarily banned refugees from Iraq in 2011 after the discovery that prominent al-Qaida bomb-makers had made their way into the United States as refugees.

Two of them were arrested in 2009 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and admitted in court that they had attacked American troops. This led to an investigation that showed that “(s)everal dozen suspected terrorist bomb-makers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees.”

“As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News — even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets,” the report read.

At no point, of course, did anyone say this was illegal. In fact, most media outlets conceded that the president had the authority to do this. But notice the language. The U.S. “stopped processing” refugees. No mention of a “Muslim ban.” While the media were slightly critical of certain aspects of the measure, they didn’t resort to the wailing and gnashing of teeth we’ve seen with Trump’s plan.

Perhaps more important, everything seems to have worked out OK. All of the awful things predicted by the media this time around never happened. It came, it went, vetting was improved. The end. There were no impassioned speeches at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and no airport protests.

American law gives significant latitude to the president in determining immigration regulations for the safety of the American people. That includes a temporary ban from some countries — just like Obama did back in 2011 with Iraq. Just something to remember as you watch the media’s coverage of this non-event.

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