Obama Administration to Crack Down on English-Only “Discrimination”


The Obama administration is crusading against “national origin discrimination,” calling employers who want their employees to speak English discriminatory.

New guidlines attack English-only rules the administration claims violate the Civil Rights Act.

Obama is well aware that claiming employers have a right to turn down employment to job seekers who don’t speak English. The loophole he’s seeking to exploit would allow any rules which require employees to speak English at the job site to be labeled as discrimination.

So the next time you’re waiting in line while employees chat in their native tongues instead of doing their job, you’ll find managers who can’t do anything about it, in fear of a crackdown.

From Judicial Watch:

Requiring employees in the United States to speak a foreign language is not discriminatory but forcing them to speak English violates federal law under a sweeping order issued by the Obama administration to crack down on “national origin discrimination” in the workplace. The government’s new enforcement guidelines state that bilingual requirements don’t meet discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act but English-only rules do because they’re restrictive language policies.

The administration asserts that the new rules, which cover a broad range of scenarios that could get employers in trouble, were created because the American workforce is “increasingly ethnically diverse.” The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, made them public a few days ago. “The increased cultural diversity of today’s workplaces presents new and evolving issues with respect to Title VII’s protection against national origin discrimination,” the agency writes in the lengthy document. “This enforcement guidance will assist EEOC staff in their investigation of national origin discrimination charges and provide information for applicants, employees, and employers to understand their respective rights and responsibilities under Title VII.”

Technically, the U.S. has no official language. Apparently, the increasing number of American employees who speak English as a Second Language changes how workplace discrimination ought to be interpreted.

National origin discrimination, according the Obama administration, is no longer about making sure employers don’t turn away qualified applicants, but can now include rules for the workplace that allow for proper communication between employees and clients.

Judicial Watch continues:

Under Obama the EEOC has strong-armed private businesses and government agencies into adopting the administration’s leftist agenda and inflated standards of political correctness. Last fiscal year the agency celebrated getting a record $525 million in settlements for reported victims of discrimination in both private and public sector jobs. One of the EEOC’s biggest cases involved a national clothing retailer that specializes in hip casual wear for youngsters and refused to change a rule banning head covers for employees. The agency sued the company for religious discrimination because it wouldn’t allow a Muslim woman to wear a hijab to work. In another victory, a national retailer was forced to pay $2.5 million to black job candidates that had been screened with criminal background checks. The EEOC asserts background checks have a disparate impact on African Americans and the administration has bullied companies into eliminating them.

Even background checks are discriminatory to leftists. Because making sure applicants aren’t hiding a history of criminal activities isn’t condusive of diversity.

Employers are losing their rights.

If you want your employees who already know how to speak English to actually speak it, then you’re a bigot. If you want to enforce a dress policy in the company you built and own, you’re intolerant.

If you disagree, get ready to pay big bucks for believing you have any say in what happens in the company you manage.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

H/T: Young Conservatives