NYPD Det. Goes Viral After Noticing How People of Every Race Were Trusting Police to Protect Them During FL Shooting

NYPD Det Goes Viral After Noticing How People of Every Race Were Trusting Police to Protect Them During FL Shooting

Hours after Esteban Santiago opened fire Friday at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International  Airport, retired New York Police Department Rob O’Donnell took to Twitter to share a startling revelation he had gleaned from viewing a picture from the scene.

This picture, which quickly went viral courtesy of O’Donnell’s tweet, showed a local police officer standing tall and proud, ready to serve and protect the people at the airport.

But it was who specifically the officer was protecting that piqued the retired cop’s attention.

“Ft Lauderdale: I see black/white/latino/male/female/child/adult all with one thing in common,” he wrote. “A Police Officer risking all to protect them.” Take a look:

Speaking with the Independent Journal Review after the tweet went viral, O’Donnell explained what had prompted him to share the poignant message.

“As of late, supporting the police has become unpopular and the trolls and the false narrative pushers seem to have been allowed the louder voice via the mainstream media,” he said. “Are we 100 percent perfect? Absolutely not. But because 0.02 step out of line, why are we all police the targets?”

“This is exactly what the BLM and such are against: profiling,” the retired officer added. “Why is that stereotype OK but the fact via the FBI, that a black male is nine times more likely to commit a violent crime, and that his victim is most likely to be black, not?”

Likewise, why do the media ignore evidence showing that “(t)he police use force mainly to protect human life, the use of force against unarmed suspects is rare, and the use of force against black Americans is largely proportional to their share of the violent crime rate,” as reported by National Review?

The answer was because the media had a narrative — a false one, at that — it wanted to sell the public. And judging by some of the negative responses O’Donnell received (reader discretion advised), it was clear that far too many Americans had bought into it.

Have a look:

O’Donnell had a response for this as well.

“(N)o department policy ever states to open yourself to imminent physical danger, but law enforcement all over this country do hundreds of times daily,” he noted. “Look at Dallas, we were being protested and once the shots rang targeting us, the police, we shielded and protected all lives.”

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