NY Times Slips, Accidentally Admits Trump Simply Believes People Should Be Able to Defend Themselves


The editorial board of The New York Times recently published a glowing report on a number of corporate law firms that planned to form a coalition and offer pro bono legal support to advocacy groups pushing for stricter gun control laws.

The stated goal of the legal team, known as the Firearms Accountability Counsel Task Force, was to mount a unified attack on “the worsening scourge of gun violence that plagues this country,” mainly via lawsuits and legal challenges against pro-gun legislation at the federal, state and local level across the country, specifically those that allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in public.

The Times was absolutely thrilled by the idea, noting that “the timing could not be better,” what with there being a Republican-controlled Congress doing the bidding of the “regressive” National Rifle Association, not to mention the fact that (gasp) President-elect Donald Trump was actually in favor of people arming themselves for the purpose of self-defense.

Indeed, what was likely meant as a slight against Trump was actually nothing less than the truth, as The Times was not lying when it wrote: “As a candidate, Mr. Trump talked favorably of people arming to defend themselves in gunfights.”

Breitbart found itself in the unusual position of backing up a Times story, noting that after major firearms-related attacks on innocent people, Trump had suggested that bad guys may be less inclined to launch murderous assaults if they feared there could be bullets going both ways.

Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins also noted the use of the word “gunfights” by The Times, which implied multiple armed individuals shooting at each other.

Currently, as least in the deep-blue states that heavily restrict legal access to firearms, there are very few law-abiding citizens engaging in “gunfights,” simply because they’ve mostly been denied their natural right to keep and bear arms for their own defense and forced to rely for protection upon the state, i.e., the police, who don’t always arrive in time.

The only instances in those states where people are trading fire in “gunfights” are when two or more criminals with illegal guns start shooting at each other, which is where the overwhelming majority of the “scourge of gun violence that plagues this country” originates, not from law-abiding concealed carriers Trump was talking about arming.

President-elect Trump is in favor of good people arming themselves to defend against crime and terrorism, and while that may not sit well with the gun control fanatics at The New York Times, it has been warmly embraced by millions of Americans who understand their rights and simply want to be left alone by both street criminals and the criminals who work in D.C. and state capitols across the country.

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Source: conservativetribune.com