Nurses Were STUNNED When Son Was Born. Mom and Dad Didn’t Know. Then They Saw His Face

Nurses Were STUNNED When Son Was Born Mom and Dad Didnt Know Then They Saw His Face

Have you ever met someone’s baby before and while the parents think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, you’re busy trying to hold back from telling them the truth? You want to tell them that their baby just isn’t as cute as they think it is!

Well, you don’t have to worry about that happening when you see a picture of this baby. This tot has gone viral before he can even hold a smartphone.

Ceyda and Murat Engin, of Ankara, Turkey, welcomed their son into the world and found quite the surprise in the process. They knew their child would be loved, but they never guessed they’d have a visible reminder of that fact!

When they saw their baby boy for the first time, they were shocked to see a rather unique and interesting birthmark. What’s even more amazing is how the birth mark is placed so perfectly in the middle of the boy’s forehead.

The bizarre birthmark is actually a significantly sized heart, and for a birthmark it’s a pretty perfectly made shape. The parents were shocked to see it at first, but they’ve loved it ever since.

Now, the real question is, what do you name the baby who was just born with such a defining feature? Well, his parents call him Cinar, but the delivery room nurse was quick to call him “a love baby.”

After, delivering Cinar, the nurse was quick to take a selfie with the new soon-to-be celebrity. She’s not the only one snapping selfies, as people are asking for a photo wherever the family goes.

That much attention might be annoying for some people, but the Engin family said that it doesn’t bother them. In fact they even said, “We believe that he was born with this chance. It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings.”

While a popular kiddo with the public, Cinar is not the only baby whose birth has been surprising. Many other miracles have been seen when a baby is born, like this newborn baby who was lifeless until cuddled in her mother’s arms. 

But a heart on the forehead? That’s pretty unique!

Cinar may have a famous future ahead of him as an actor or model if he keeps getting all this attention. He’s already very popular and his parents even said, “He already has many fans.”

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