Nurse Asks Soldier on Stretcher His Name, But Has No Idea It’s Son She Hasn’t Seen in Two Years

Nurse Asks Soldier on Stretcher His Name But Has No Idea Its Son She Hasnt Seen in Two Years

Ah, the family reunion. Everyone loves the time-honored tradition of families gathering in state parks and camp grounds across the country.

There are games, food, and sometimes even matching T-shirts. No matter how you celebrate, each reunion is just that, a chance to reunite with family.

While a family reunion can be held anywhere, a hospital ER is not often high on the list of “places to party.” Yet a mother and son just celebrated a reunion there, in a most unexpected way.

The ER is a particularly frantic place. The staff has to be prepared for anything and at a moment’s notice.

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Nurses and doctors train to essentially divorce themselves from anything but the illness at hand. It was into this situation that soldier Brandon Smith was wheeled on a gurney wearing a neck brace.

As nurses worked around him doing the needed prep work, one went to register his information. She asked for his name and date of birth.

He told her. She then began to work it into the computer. At this point, Brandon sat up and then approached her while the other nurses stopped working.

You see, Brandon wasn’t injured at all. He had just returned from a 2-year deployment during which time he hadn’t seen his mother, Tammy.

This had all been his plan for a surprise homecoming reunion. And surprise it did. Tammy was the unsuspecting nurse asking the personal questions.

Tammy turned to ask her next set of questions and there, standing behind her, still with the neck brace on, was her son. She let out an audible gasp before breaking into tears.

Tammy and Brandon hugged before Tammy called him on his ruse. “You’re so mean,” she declared.

After she had time to process everything, Tammy had a different assessment of the surprise. She claimed, “It is the best gift that I could ever get.”

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