Numbers Reached by “Fake News” Websites Far Less Than What’s Being Reported


Actual fake news sites exist, but the theory held by the left that these barely-trafficked dens of conspiracy and intrigue may have affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election does not appear to bear out.

However, the liberal mainstream media outlets have been hesitant to admit as much. Instead, they have embarked on a campaign to expose these news sites, all while presenting a highly dubious narrative about how they may have flipped the election in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor.

Consider, for instance, this headline from a Washington Post story published in late November: “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say.”

Also consider this even more menacing headline from Vanity Fair magazine: “Did Russian Agents Influence The Election With Fake News?”

Even The New York Times has taken in this fear mongering. On Saturday it ran a piece about the Patriot News Agency, a bona fide fake news website allegedly launched by foreign operatives after the Republican National Convention in July for the alleged purpose of getting Trump elected.

While The Times did admit that “it is easy to overstate the influence of fringe elements whose overall numbers remain very small,” it neglected to actually highlight these numbers. According to Alexa, which provides analytics for Web traffic, the Patriot News Agency holds an abysmal rank of only 184,898 in the United States.

Take a look:


An investigation by The Daily Caller revealed similar ranks for other fake news sites higlighted by the media, including and

The truth is that while fake news sites exist, the idea that there are a host of Americans eagerly gleaning the latest “news” (or nonsense) from such sites is debatable at best, patently wrong at worst. Note, for example, that the Patriot News Agency’s Facebook page has only 160 followers.


Meanwhile, the Conservative Tribune, which contains real news, has over 3.3 million fans — perhaps because, despite what the liberal media claims, Americans for the most part strongly prefer real news to fake news.

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