NRA to Trump: We’re Your Strongest Ally


For conservatives, there are few rights more important than those afforded to us by the Second Amendment, and there’s likely no group more protective of those rights than the National Rifle Association.

And, according to NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre, President-elect Donald Trump has no more powerful ally than the pro-gun group.

In fact, LaPierre recently pledged that his organization would help Trump battle the forces that have been trying to sabotage his administration, Bearing Arms reported.

In a video posted to the NRATV, LaPierre issued a convincing call to Trump and Second Amendment supporters to continue to stand by the NRA’s side as they put the “full weight of their support” behind Trump.

The NRA chief outlined how anti-Trump activists had been working tirelessly for months to deny Trump the presidency, and just because he had won the election didn’t mean their efforts were over.

Calling the results of the election a “grassroots rejection” of the powerful elites who want to control our country, LaPierre said his organization was the only major group who supported Trump and the grassroots efforts without apology or hesitation.

By continuing to support Trump and the NRA now, we can both secure our borders and the rights of our citizens to bear arms “for generations to come.”

“Our moment to make history begins now,” LaPierre said.

Watch the inspirational video here:

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