He Notices Rescue Dog Acting Strange with Dying Son. That’s When He Knows…

He Notices Rescue Dog Acting Strange with Dying Son Thats When He Knows

Dogs are well-known as man’s best friend. Anyone that has ever owned a dog, will most likely cling to this saying as truth.

Our canine friends aren’t just an addition to the household, but often are considered family themselves. Dogs have been shown to reduce depression, lower stress, and encourage better health by demanding you get up off the couch and take them outside!

We not only need our furry companions at home, we depend upon them to aid us as fire dogs, police dogs, and even medical sniffers. This smart species takes it upon itself to be human lovers and advocates.

Service dogs are specially trained to help people with disabilities such as sight issues to hearing problems and more. Sometimes, dogs are so aware that they are able to detect problems or issues before they even happen within the “humans” in their care.

This is exactly the case with Lucas and his dog Juno, but it didn’t happen in the typical way. Juno was set to be euthanized when Lucas’ family rescued him.

Lucas has Sanfilippo syndrome which has no cure and progressively gets worse causing aggressive behavior, hyperactivity and seizures, and eventually leads to early death. Because of this, once his symptoms began to worsen, his dad, Chester, searched out a service dog for Lucas.

Confronted with a $15,000 price tag, and after being advised against getting Lucas a dog due to his conditions, Chester said, “I refused to accept this answer.” Tenacity and prayers led Chester to Juno, a dog that needed rescuing.

Just seeing his picture gave Chester the gut shot he needed and that was that. The family drove two hours to meet Juno, and the Belgian Malinois went home with them.

Chester was familiar with this specific bred after working with them and was always impressed with their “never quit” hardworking attitudes.

So far, so good, but Chester needed to make sure that Juno would be a good service dog for Lucas. Chester claims that they were instant friends and that there was always something instinctive about their relationship.

Chester watched the two grow closer and soon, Juno was the best indicator of Lucas’ health and could pick up on changes in Lucas’ neurological state. Because of this, the dog has tipped his parents off to low oxygen levels as well as seizures.

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What a blessing Juno has been to the Hembree family! How have special pets helped someone you know?

Source: liftable.com