Have You Noticed What The Media Never Mentions Now That The Election’s Over?

Have You Noticed What The Media Never Mentions Now That The Elections Over

Robert Gehl reports in an article so incredibly dumb the author just had to remain anonymous, the argument is made that white people should pay extra taxes because of all that extra “privilege” they experience.

Called “It’s Time for White People to Pay for Privilege: The Equality Tax,” the article on “WeSplain” says that since all minorities face economic disadvantages, all white people should pay an extra tax that can be spread around to everyone else.

They have a tiered system. White, single, heterosexual males would pay 5 percent extra in taxes, single white women would pay 4.5 percent, married couples with children would pay 4 percent, and white LGBT people would only have to pay 3 percent, according to the Daily Caller.

“Racist employers, a disproportionate targeting of minorities by law enforcement, racial wage gaps, poor inner city schools; these all contribute to what is an undeniable reality for minorities,” the article claims.

The money would be redistributed to minorities in the form of “reparations” for “past and present struggles.”

“That’s $1,348 for every US minority individual or roughly $3,000 per minority household on an annual basis. While $3,000 could never rectify centuries of abuse, it could at least give minorities the financial tools to compete in a white, male-dominated society,” the article states.

Of course, this is going to make white people unhappy, but only because white people are only successful because of the efforts of “non-white” people.

“We must continue to voice our opinion, especially in this racist, misogynistic environment post-Trump. They must understand that their economic success was only made possible by the blood and sweat of minorities,” the article finishes.

While extracting [extracting?] this money is the most important aspect, not far behind is how it’s used. We must ensure that this money is used where it will benefit minorities the most.

If we kept things simple, we could redistribute the money based on non-Caucasian race status. According to InfoPlease.com, whites account for 63.7% of the population.

Reparations have been a dream of leftist nutjobs for decades. Just last month, Rep. John Conyers introduced a bill that would set up a commission to “study” whether reparations should be paid to the ancestors of slaves.

Since their founding, Black Lives Matter have been demanding that white people pay millions in reparations to black people.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org