Nordstrom Will Stay Politically Neutral Over Ivanka Trump Boycott


Refusing to cave in to politics over sales results, retail giant Nordstrom announced that it will continue selling Ivanka Trump’s products in light of the flood of threats of boycotts and lawsuits by customers.

Boycotts of Ivanka Trump’s products have been launched throughout the course of her father’s presidential campaign.

Nordstrom’s co-President, Pete Nordstrom, affirmed on Monday Nov. 21 that the company would continue selling the brand.

“We’ve heard from customers, including some who are long time loyal customers, threatening a boycott of Nordstrom if we continue to carry the line. Similarly, we’ve heard from customers who say they will boycott Nordstrom if we stop carrying the brand,” Nordstrom wrote in an email to his staff. “This is a sharply divisive subject. No matter what we do, we are going to end up disappointing some of our customers.”

Nordstrom concluded that all the products sold at the department store are selected by their results and Ivanka’s brand “has grown to be a sizable and successful business” despite her detractors.

“We strive to be agnostic about politics and to treat all our customers with respect,” he wrote.

Nordstrom is among several other department store chains that have been targeted by the #grabyourwallet movement, which demands people to boycott retailers who continue carrying Ivanka Trump or Trump Organization products.

Macy’s continues to sell Ivanka Trump’s products, but stopped selling Donald Trump clothing shortly after the president-elect launched his presidential campaign and announced his controversial plans to stop illegal immigration.

Less than a year after the Macy’s declared it was dumping Trump’s clothing line, its stock lost more than half its value. It reportedly suffered a year-over-year operating income decline of 40 percent.

Some designers are reportedly refusing even to dress Melania Trump when she becomes first lady.

Trump’s retail collaborations have reportedly suffered since announcing his candidacy. Ivanka’s clothing line, which had a sales revenue exceeding 100 million last year, is growing.

Ivanka, who is still in line to take control of the Trump Organization along with her brothers, dismisses claims of brand decline surrounding her family’s business.

“We’re one of the fastest growing luxury hotel companies in the world,” she said, according to Forbes.

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