Non-Citizen Votes in Elections, Now Getting Deported

Non-Citizen Votes in Elections Now Getting Deported

A Peruvian citizen who illegally registered to vote in Illinois and voted in two elections can be deported for her crimes, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week.

According to Reuters, the case involved Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick, a legal resident who was married to a U.S. citizen. Fitzpatrick had registered to vote as part of Illinois’ “motor voter” law, which allows eligible individuals to register at the DMV.

The Washington Times reported that Fitzpatrick had shown both her Peruvian passport and her green card to the DMV as identification, meaning that it should have been clear to the employees of the department that she was not eligible to vote. However, when presented with the option, she asked the DMV worker about whether she could, receiving the reply “it’s up to you.”

This, according to Fitzpatrick’s lawyer, was a sign that she had “official approval” and shouldn’t be held accountable. However, Fitzpatrick also checked a box that said that she was a U.S. citizen. The three-judge panel ruled that this indicated that the clerk’s response was not actually authorization.

Fitzpatrick still has appeals left. However, it’s a sign that there’s definitely a new spirit of fighting voter fraud and law and order.

It’s not shocking to me that Fitzpatrick was able to vote. What’s shocking to me was the fact that a woman using a Peruvian passport and a green card as identification — documents that, taken together, would certainly indicate their holder was not a U.S. citizen — was allowed the opportunity to register to vote in Illinois.

How many other individuals were able to register this way? How many other people who weren’t eligible to vote were offered this at the DMV?

If anyone doubts the need for a national voter ID law, look no further than this case.

It’s a perfect case study as to just why we need to make sure voting is done legally in this country.

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