Nobody Knew About Sean Spicer’s Former White House Job… And It’ll Leave You In Stitches!

Nobody Knew About Sean Spicers Former White House Job And Itll Leave You In Stitches

White House press secretary Sean Spicer is becoming increasingly well-known for being President Donald Trump’s chief defender and spokesman, a no-nonsense guy not afraid to engage in daily battle with the biased media.

Prior to his stint in Trump’s administration, Spicer held much the same role in the Republican National Committee, again appearing as the public face to handle pointed questions from a largely hostile media.

But according to Newsmax, Spicer’s current gig in the Trump administration is actually not the first job he has held in the White House, as he filled a vastly different role while serving in the administration of former President George W. Bush.

Officially serving as a sort of deputy spokesperson for the U.S. trade representative under the Bush administration, Spicer also unofficially served for two years as the Easter Bunny for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Spicer actually spoke about donning the giant bunny suit in a short question and answer segment for Politico in 2008, during which he revealed how hot and difficult to see it was from inside the costume. Nonetheless, he said he loved playing the part due to how much the children seemed to enjoy it.

Hilariously, Spicer even used the short interview to jokingly discuss the serious issue of trade imbalances of the time, noting, “I kept telling the kids that ‘eggs-ports’ help grow the economy and create jobs.”

“All of the stuff kids got in their Easter baskets from Colombia entered the U.S. almost entirely duty-free, but when the Easter Bunny brought stuff made in the U.S. to kids in Colombia, he had to pay stiff tariffs — Congress should pass the Colombia trade agreement and end one-way trade,” he added.

For a good laugh and to keep his media opponents — as well as the lazy “SNL” writers — on their toes, we’d love to see Spicer again don the bunny suit next month to conduct the daily media briefing, just for the absurd picture it would create of a giant bunny reaming the collection of dishonest and agenda-driven reporters.

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