Nigel Farage Sends Message to Those Against Travel Ban After London Terror Attack

Nigel Farage Sends Message to Those Against Travel Ban After London Terror Attack

Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who helped engineer the Brexit movement last year, reacted to the terror attack in London on Wednesday by warning opponents of U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration moratorium that their open-door policies were a recipe for disaster.

“Frankly, if you open your door to uncontrolled immigration from Middle Eastern countries, you are inviting in terrorism,” he told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

As proof, Farage pointed to the situation in Europe, where political support for unlimited immigration and multiculturalism has allowed a “fifth column” of Islamic terror supporters to sprout up in communities across the continent.

“I’m sorry to say that we have now a fifth column living inside these European countries,” Farage said. “Surely an American audience, seeing this horrendous thing happening in Westminster, should start to say to itself that when Donald Trump tries to put in place vetting measures, he is doing it to protect your country.”

A suspected Islamic terrorist reportedly drove a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in Parliament Square Wednesday and then fatally stabbed a police officer. At least three victims had died as of Thursday morning, as well as the attacker.

The Brexit leader cautioned, though, that there is a difference between multiculturalism and multi-racism. It is perfectly acceptable for people of various races and religions to live together in communities, he said, but a problem arises when multiculturalism springs into play. Some cultures are just incompatible with Western ideas of freedom, he said.

Check out the ‘Hannity” segment here. The Farage interview starts about the 3:00 mark:

As noted by Mike Gonzalez, vice president of communications for The Heritage Foundation, “multicultural” is essentially a mixing of ethnic groups without assimilation and integration — or even attempting it.

“Multiculturalism, which pretends what holds a nation together is the mutual recognition and respect of differences, seeks to dissolve those bonds and scorns the shared virtues and traits that give” people their shared identity, he wrote two years ago for The Federalist.

That can exaggerate, rather than smooth, the cultural differences that separate social groups — and end up dividing, rather than uniting, the nation they are living in.

President Trump and his supporters understand this. That’s why he seeks to temporarily block immigration from terror-prone nations so that his officials can devise a proper strategy for vetting incoming immigrants and ensuring they possess the right attitude needed for integration into U.S. society.

Yet according to the left, doing as such makes Trump a racist, a bigot, a blah, blah, blah. Sorry to break it to the radical left, but many of us would rather have an allegedly “racist” and “bigoted” president than one willing to throw us to the wolves.

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