Newt Gingrich Trashes New York Times for Pushing “Fake News” Conspiracy


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighed in on the “fake news” conspiracies that the left has been spouting for the past few weeks, and in doing so pointed to one of the biggest perpetrators of spreading false news — The New York Times.

Speaking on Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” Gingrich said The Times did its fair share of reporting fake news stories.

The former speaker was responding to Howard Kurtz’s question about how it would be fair to put the Times in the same category as other conspiratorial news outlets that “make stuff up.”

“I think if you look back through their coverage of the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign — to use your language and not mine — they had a fair amount of conspiratorial BS,” he said.

When asked for an example, Gingrich said the “best example” was how the Times turned a woman’s remarks that Trump was a nice man into a claim of Trump hitting on her and acting inappropriately.

“She’s the one who held the press conference and said this is crazy,” he continued.

“But I’ll give you a a much deeper, more serious example. Their coverage of Fidel Castro was totally fake. Their coverage of Stalin in the ’30s was totally fake,” he continued.

It’s hard to disagree with Gingrich about this. He understands the hypocrisy of The Times attacking “fake news” outlets while avoiding its own serious problem of spreading false stories to push the liberal agenda.

The Times should change its slogan to “all the fake news that’s fit to print.” At least that would be a more accurate reflection of how it does business.

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