New York Times Trashes Fake News, Then Readers See Fake Story ON SAME PAGE


The New York Times ran a piece on Saturday called “Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump,” yet another attempt by the left to tie “fake news” to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory by painting him as someone who spins the truth rather than relying on facts.

However their story completely backfired when they got caught running a “fake news” ad right in the middle of their story.

Screen captured by Gizmodo Media Group executive editor John Cook, the fake news ad was a story about actor Alec Baldwin passing away at age 58.

This is what it looked like on The Times’ mobile site:

Cook subsequently posted the image on Twitter, garnering the attention of Twitter users everywhere and eventually reaching New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman and senior staff editor Michael Roston.

Both men, to their credit, replied to Cook’s tweet catching their embarrassing folly and appeared to be taking the issue seriously. Of course, what else could they do?

Although  Roston wished Cook didn’t have to “flag” the fake news ad, this is a recurring issue for The Times.

Back on Nov. 23, the paper’s own public editor, Liz Spayd, wrote a piece criticizing The Times for “Condemning ‘Fake News’ but Running Fake-News Ads.”

In that piece, she wrote, “How could such fraudulent content wind up on The Times website?”

How, indeed? Maybe because The Times has played the game of leftist media bias for so long, its editors don’t know the difference anymore?

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