New York Times Airs First Ad In 7 Years- Trump Fires Back

New York Times Airs First Ad In 7 Years Trump Fires Back

The New York Times sought to market itself as the truthful alternative to President Donald Trump Sunday night in an advertisement shown during the Academy Awards. Both Trump and others on Twitter were quick to ridicule the Times for the ad.

The Times aired its first TV ad in seven years. Titled “The Truth,” the creators of the ad sought to contrast the messages coming out of the Trump White House with the “truth” being pushed out by the media.

Some drew different conclusions.

CNN, which noted the ad as part of its coverage, was also tagged by Twitter as a partner with the Times in spinning the news to suit its taste.

The ad had statements across the screen that contrast Trump’s comments versus the position of the media.

“The truth is that our nation is more divided than ever.”

“The truth is that alternative facts are lies.”

“The truth is that the media is dishonest.”

“The truth is a woman should dress like a woman.”

“The truth is women’s rights are human rights.”

“The truth is we have to protest our borders.”

“The truth is his refugee policy is a backdoor Muslim ban.”

“The truth is we need a full investigation of Russian ties.”

“The truth is leaking classified information is the real scandal,” the text read.

Then after a slide reading, “the truth is climate change is a hoax,” comments spin until the ad reaches its final series of messages

“The truth is hard.”

“The truth is hard to find.”

“The truth is hard to know.”

“The truth is more important than ever,” the ad concluded, before showing the logo for the Times.

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