New York State Employee Demands Death For Trump Supporters, Still Employed


After the victory last month of President-elect Donald Trump, an employee of the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities reportedly posted a disturbing message to his private Facebook page wishing death on the former GOP nominee’s supporters.

“To all my friends that live in red voting states,” the screed began. “You have 2 months to move. After that, if you don’t do not consider us friends. I want you dead. I want your families dead. I want your wives, husbands children and grandchildren dead. Not just dead but horrible painful deaths.”

“Torturous cancers — bone, brain,” his twisted post continued. “Burning alive in a fire. Drownings. Wives and daughters or should I say your c***s as you Republicans like to call them should be brutally raped first.”

A screenshot of the full post may be viewed below (WARNING: graphic language may not be appropriate for all readers):


OPWDD employee Charles Walz’ Facebook account has since reportedly been suspended, according to Facebook user Dan Lyman.

Moreover, the OPWDD released a statement on its official Facebook page mid-November claiming that it had begun an investigation into the matter.

As of Saturday afternoon, there had been no additional updates from the OPWDD, which seemed odd. How long does it take to figure out whether your employee did or did not make a particular Facebook post?

Moreover, a search through Google brought up no reports about a Charles Walz in New York having been arrested or even investigated.

What Walz allegedly wrote was disturbing, to say the least, as well as a potential threat against Trump supporters. Some might argue that an authority figure of some kind should have investigated him, but apparently, none did.

Nor did the liberal mainstream media, known for eagerly peddling hoax stories involving Trump supporters, show any interest in the story. They ignored it while instead pretending there was an epidemic of Trump supporters harassing Muslims or burning mosques.

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