New York City Requesting $35 Million In Reimbursement For Trump Security


The mayor of New York City is looking to be reimbursed for the expenses incurred by the city for supplying security for President-elect Donald Trump and his family until he is sworn in as president in January. The family currently resides at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has written a letter to President Obama outlining the expenses and asking that the federal government pay $400,000 per day in reimbursement for a total of $35 million.

In the letter, de Blasio told Obama that Trump’s security was “unprecedented in America’s most dense and populous city, in terms of personnel required, geographic scope, and duration.”

He went on to say that since security in other areas of the city can’t be decreased, police officers are “primarily [working] on an overtime basis.”

Trump’s wife, Melania, has stated that instead of relocating to the White House following the inauguration, she plans to remain in New York with their son, Barron, until the school year ends.

Providing double security details for prominent government officials is nothing new.

Upon taking office, Vice President Joe Biden moved into the Naval Conservatory, but he chose to keep his residence in Delaware, resulting in the need for additional security.

In addition to the extra security, the Secret Service paid rent to Biden for a home located on the property.

De Blasio said he decided to write the letter to Obama after he and Gov. Andrew Cuomo each received a letter from six New York congressmen — all Democrats — stating Trump should foot the bill for security at Trump Tower once he takes office.

The mayor also wrote a letter to Congress requesting reimbursement.

In the letter, de Blasio said Trump Tower was located in a “highly-trafficked, dense urban environment” and thus “presents an unprecedented and unique target for potential terrorist activity.”

“No other President in modern history has had his primary residence located in such a densely-populated neighborhood,” he wrote.

Although concerned with the cost of providing extra security for the Trumps, de Blasio conceded that the president-elect has the right to choose where he will reside.

“I will say it very simply: He’s the president-elect of the United States of America … And he has to do what he thinks will allow him to put together the team to govern this nation,” de Blasio said. “And I don’t want to second-guess him as to which location is best to do that.”

“… we really have to respect that each individual, especially trying to make decisions of this magnitude, has to be in the setting that works for them, and that has ramifications for all of us, as New Yorkers and as Americans,” he said.

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