NEW VIDEO: Anti-Trump Punks Block Traffic, Sent FLYING by Charging Riot Cops

Anti-Trump Punks Block Traffic Sent FLYING by Charging Riot Cops

One of the more disappointing legacies of former President Barack Obama’s tenure in office was what became known as the “Ferguson effect,” a pulling-back of law enforcement officials in various parts of the country due to concerns that the officers could be accused of racism or the use of excessive force in their normal efforts at upholding the law.

Following the election of President Donald Trump, who has made his full support of law enforcement well known, it has been surmised by some that there may be a resultant “Trump effect” among law enforcement agencies, as they now feel that someone is watching their back.

According to Fox News, that mindset could very well have been on display in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday, as an anti-Trump protest that blocked mass transit in the middle of the city was shut down rapidly and with force, all to a round of applause from bystanders grown wary of the protesters’ antics.

The protest, one of many across the country in response to executive orders on immigration signed by Trump, set up shop in a major intersection and blocked passage for at least one bus and metro train, as well as regular traffic.

It didn’t take long before the regular folks attempting to go about their business became irate and let the protesters know, using some rather colorful language in the process.

A reporter for KPTV happened to be on the scene and posted several short videos to social media, showing how the protest progressed, and of course capturing the applause-inducing finale when the police arrived to clear the road with much-appreciated gusto.

You can see two of those below (WARNING: explicit language):

Onlookers noticed the squad of cops in riot gear approaching in quick-step from a block away behind the blocked bus and pointed in the direction of the protesters to guide officers the rest of the way to their targets.

To shouts and cheers and plenty of clapping, the police came flying around the corner of the bus and literally tackled several of the protesters, sending the rest of the disruptive group scrambling to parts unknown.

One voice rose above the rest and shouted, “Thanks for doing your job, guys,” a sentiment obviously shared by most of the rest of the bystanders.

In all, 14 protesters were arrested Wednesday in Portland, six of them at that intersection. All were charged with disorderly conduct in the second degree, while a few were also hit with a charge for interfering with public transportation and at least one person was discovered to be in violation of his parole (shocking, we know).

While many of the bystanders were sympathetic to the concerns of the protesters, they vehemently disagreed with the tactics they were using, as obstructing innocent individuals from going about their unrelated business tends to make those people upset.

The tide has turned in America, and it no longer appears as though the government or police forces will continued to kowtow to the demands of arrogant and disruptive protesters, who will now instead be thrown to the ground, placed in cuffs and thrown in jail if they persist in unlawfully blocking traffic — as they should be.

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