New Santa Book for Kids Shows Saint Nick as Gay Man

New Santa Book for Kids Shows Saint Nick as Gay Man

One of the world’s most cherished icons, Santa Claus, is undergoing a radical transformation that reveals how far progressives will go to attack wholesome values while getting their warped message across.

In a new “children’s” book, “Santa’s Husband,” St. Nick will be portrayed as black and gay — not to be confused with jolly — and he will be in an interracial relationship with another Santa, who is white, according to Time.

Apparently, there is no mention of a Mrs. Claus.

The novel idea originated with writer Daniel Kibblesmith, who also writes for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

That might explain a little bit about where this kind of garbage is coming from.

Kibblesmith posted to social media in December that he would tell his future children about the existence of a black Santa, not a white one, and if his children ever see a white Santa, he would be sure to tell them it was black Santa’s husband.


Harper Design, which is publishing the book, said the book is a parody meant for all ages, reported The Charlotte Observer.

This book represents the left’s unquenchable thirst for destroying anything that doesn’t fit their agenda. With Santa, it’s even better for them because they can take a completely innocent idea and push their sexual agenda on young, impressionable minds.

Once these things start, it’s hard to know where progressive types might draw the line. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that a follow up to “Santa’s Husband” would include an all gay North Pole with Mr. and Mr. Santa in loving, open relationships with elves, too.

The politically correct social justice warriors and their new generation of progressivism is not interested in making anything better — they are only interested in fundamentally transforming (read: destroying) the country, and this book puts them one step closer to doing it.

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