New Poll Shows Pelosi is 6 Times More Unpopular Than Trump

New Poll Shows Pelosi is 6 Times More Unpopular Than Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been one of the harshest congressional opponents of President Donald Trump’s policies, but a recent poll showed that it’s actually her policies that everyday Americans disagree with.

While 43 percent of those surveyed in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll viewed Trump “positively or somewhat positively,” only 19 percent said the same about Pelosi.

In fact, the San Francisco liberal had a net favorability rating of negative 25 points, which was more than six times lower than Trump’s net favorability rating of negative four.

Particularly telling was the fact that, out of the 1,000 adults polled, 40 percent of the participants identified as Democrat or “leaning Democrat,” while only 35 percent said they were Republican or “leaning Republican.”

So, in a Democrat-majority survey, fewer than 20 percent were happy with the job performance of the most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives (and one of the most embarrassing figures in American politics).

The survey was conducted from February 18-20 and released Sunday.

These less-than-favorable polling numbers for Pelosi come on the heels of another poll, conducted by Rasmussen, which showed that a large number of Democrat voters wanted congressional Democrats to stop fighting with Trump on every issue.

In fact, 45 percent of Democrat participants in that survey indicated that their party would benefit more if their politicians actually tried to work with the president.

Pelosi, and other congressional Democrats, would do well to take these telling poll numbers into consideration before continuing their political assault on Trump’s presidency and his administration.

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