New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Think Media Is Too Hard on Trump

New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Think Media Is Too Hard on Trump

In the space of less than two years, Donald Trump dispatched 16 other Republican challengers and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to become America’s 45th president.

Now the news media seem determined to be his next challenger. So how’s that going? Well, a new poll seemed to indicate that not only was the fourth estate losing, it was losing (in the parlance of our president) big league.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed that 51 percent of Americans “rate the media as too critical of Mr. Trump since the presidential election,” while 41 percent believed the treatment was just right.

Six percent said the media haven’t been critical enough of Trump’s administration, which roughly corresponds to the percentage of people the National Institute of Drug Abuse says have done meth over the course of their lifetime.

Fifty-three percent of respondents among the 1,000 individuals surveyed indicated that they believed the media were exaggerating problems in Trump’s administration, compared to 45 percent who said they weren’t.

Even 40 percent of MSNBC viewers said “the news media and other elites are exaggerating the problems of the Trump administration, because they are uncomfortable and threatened by the kind of change that Trump represents.” When you can’t even get the people who believe “All In with Chris Hayes” is a reliable source of news and opinion (or watchable television) to say you’re being objective, you know things are getting bad.

The results dovetailed nicely with an Emerson College poll released earlier this month that found 49 percent of respondents trusted the Trump administration versus only 39 percent who trusted the media.

Yet the mainstream media, who treat everything the administration does as if it were a crisis for democracy, wonder why the president can call them “very fake news” and still have his supporters behind him.

Perhaps it’s because those supporters have seen the bias. Or perhaps it’s because of the simple fact that if everything is a crisis, nothing is.

One thing’s for sure, looking at these numbers, though: In the battle between the media and the president, the scorecards are in, and round one went to The Donald.

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