New Poll Reveals 7/10 Americans Are More Confident in Trump After Speech

New Poll Reveals 7 10 Americans Are More Confident in Trump After Speech

A poll from CNN and ORC International taken just after President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress found that 57 percent of viewers had a “very positive reaction” to the address and nearly 70 percent said Trump would move the country in the right direction, the cable network reported.

Sixty-four percent of respondents described themselves as “very confident” or “somewhat confident” in Trump’s “abilities to carry out his duties as president,” also a significant increase over before the speech was given.

“On specific issues, Trump scored the highest marks for his proposed policies on the economy, with 72 percent saying those went in the right direction,” CNN reported. “Almost as many, 70 percent, said the same about his terrorism proposals. Slightly fewer, but still a majority, felt his policies on taxes (64 percent), immigration (62 percent) or health care (61 percent) were heading in the right direction.”

While CNN pointed out that those numbers were either around or slightly lower than those Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush received after their first State of the Union speeches, it’s also worth pointing out that neither president was treated like a threat to democracy the way that Trump has been by CNN and other media outlets.

Also, in the final years of their presidencies, Bush and Obama were polling at their lowest numbers on the “moving in the right direction” question, according to CNN. After Tuesday’s speech, Trump’s number was higher than both: 67 percent for Bush and 68 percent for Obama (though it’s staggering to believe that as late as 2016, CNN could find 68 percent of Americans who still thought Obama was moving the country in the right direction.)

Still, one imagines the hot tears of impotent rage falling on the laptop keyboard of the CNN staffer who was tasked with posting this story. One imagines that happening a lot these days.

In fact, I hear Don Lemon fried a MacBook Pro after a particularly rough crying jag on Inauguration Day, forcing the network to hire a number of Genius Bar employees to be on permanent standby at CNN Center.*

*(Please note that certain details of this story may be apocryphal, satirical and/or imaginary. As in, all of the preceding paragraph. I don’t want a humorless HuffPo writer to take that bit and then accuse me of spreading baseless rumors in a thought-free, 5,000-word think piece about why conservative views must be censored from social media. There’s enough fake news out there from CNN already. Or, dare I say it, “very fake news.”)

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