New Map Released Shows Most Popular Google Searches Per State


As 2016 comes to a close, Americans are reflecting on everything that happened over the course of what could be one of the most decisive years in American (or possibly global) history.

In order to find out what people were thinking about this year (besides the obvious), the housing app Estately put together a map of the most Googled terms by state in the United States, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

This map is not a measure of which questions were the most Googled, rather what terms or phrases Americans were most interested in looking up over the past year.

You can see the map below. Some of the Google queries from various states are quite amusing.

Google terms map

Unsurprisingly, a vast number of the terms are political, and would follow logic. North Carolina’s top term was “transgendered voting laws,” which isn’t surprising since the state spent a good chunk of 2016 arguing over transgender bathroom laws.

However, some of the terms really make you wonder what people were thinking. For example, New Mexico’s top search term was “Mars.” Out of everything that happened in 2016, people in New Mexico really wanted to know about Mars.

Perhaps they all just wanted to move there.

“Pope meme” made the top search hit in Nebraska, and Californians wanted to know if 2016 was the worst year ever. While Floridians were concerned about the Zika virus, people in Washington State really wanted to know about the X-Files reboot.

People in Missouri had their priorities straight: They really wanted to know about “McDonald’s breakfast all day.”

In New York, my home state, people really wanted to know about the Panama Papers scandal — which isn’t surprising considering the amount of corruption in the New York State government.

This map really does show the different priorities of each state, as well as how events that we might think of as being national issues actually only affect one area in particular.

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