NEW Accuser Steps Forward… Makes Graphic New Clinton Claim


In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, a new accuser has come forth and detailed how former President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the 1980s.

Leslie Millwee said she was a reporter for KLMN-TV when the then-governor sexually assaulted her three times in a small news editing room. Millwee went by the name Leslie Derrick at the time.

She told Breitbart she was covering the so-called Cuban refugee crisis, which resulted in about 20,000 refugees being housed at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas.

Millwee reportedly interviewed Clinton about 20 times and often saw him at the KLMN station. The former journalist claimed Clinton said inappropriate things and made flirtatious comments over the course of several months.

Millwee alleged that Clinton assaulted her in that tiny editing room, that he would come up behind her while she was sitting in a chair and rub her shoulders, moving his hands toward her breasts. When she asked him to stop after the first time, he laughed at her. The second and third time Clinton assaulted Millwee, he rubbed his genitalia against her until he climaxed, Millwee claimed.

Millwee alleged that after the third time Clinton assault her, he showed up at her apartment. She said he knocked on the door for about five minutes, but she refused to let him inside. She left her job at the station after Clinton showed up at her door.

Millwee said she almost reported the assaults when the Monica Lewinsky story broke, but changed her mind when she saw how Lewinsky and other accusers were treated. She added that she had wanted to shield her children from any negative publicity.

Watch the entire interview below (WARNING: graphic content):

Once again, a woman has revealed an alleged disgusting encounter with Bill Clinton — actually, multiple encounters.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Hillary Clinton would rather attack the women in these incidents than admit that the former president had a serious problem controlling himself around women.

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