Nevada AG Refuses to Enforce Background Check Law


It looks like President Barack Obama’s allies in the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety will need to head back to the drawing board. Nevada’s Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt just crushed a state ballot initiative, passed on Nov. 8,  to make guns more difficult to purchase in Nevada.

According to Breitbart, Laxalt (grandson of Reagan confidant former Sen. Paul Laxalt) blocked the implementation of the ruling on Dec. 28 because the gun grabbers wrote it in such a way as to render it unenforceable from the get-go.

The initiative would have provided universal background checks on gun sales, both for retail and private sales — objectionable, perhaps, but simple enough, right? Well, no … not the way the law was written.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Laxalt blocked enforcement of the law because it requires that “intermediaries” — meaning licensed firearms dealers — perform the background checks through the FBI database.

However, the FBI does not allow dealers to perform such checks directly; rather, it requires the State Department of Pubic Safety to request the background information.

In other words, the gun grabbers who wrote this law wrote it in such a way that it cannot possibly be enforced.

“Thus, the Act expressly requires what the FBI, at least at present, does not allow,” Laxalt said in a published statement. “Under longstanding legal principles, Nevadans are not required to perform the impossible, and therefore excused from compliance with the Act’s background check requirement unless and until the FBI changes its position.”

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Gun grabbers don’t understand how the Second Amendment words; why should we expect them to write any other law that makes sense?

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