Netflix Subscribers Revolt Against Company’s New Anti-White Series

Netflix Subscribers Revolt Against Companys New Anti-White Series

Race relations in America have deteriorated rapidly over the past eight years, fueled in large part by the amount of hatred and race-baiting that has come from our liberal friends.

In yet another classic example of liberal racism, a trailer for the Netflix series “Dear White People” was posted on YouTube on Friday, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

The title should tell you all you need to know about how racist this film is. The supposedly “humorous” show is a black woman criticizing white people for everything they do that is supposedly racist — and people aren’t too happy about the film.

As of Saturday morning, the trailer on Netflix’s YouTube page had more than 335,000 “dislikes.” There is some question about these numbers though, because some internet users have claimed that more than 1 million viewers originally disliked the video, but Netflix reportedly removed those.

The Daily Mail published what appeared to be a screen shot of the numbers, showing more than 1 million “dislikes” to fewer than 100 “likes.”

Netflix numbers

There is no way to verify that Netflix did in fact remove those dislikes.

A vast majority of the comments underneath the video (at least the ones Netflix didn’t delete) attacked Netflix for posting something so obviously racist, and also pointed out that if a white person had done anything similar about blacks, there would be riots in the streets.

“Haha I get it, it’s not racist because they’re white,” wrote Kyle Albrecht.

“Netflix has deleted more comments to this video then Clinton deleted emails,” wrote Youtube user richo8181.

“Surely this will improve race relations between whites and blacks,” a sarcastic post by user Scramblieggs stated.

In addition to those comments, many Netflix users have stated that they will be ending their membership and moving to another platform that doesn’t promote such racist material.

You can watch the trailer here (though we’re not sure why you’d want to):

Americans have proven over and over again they are not the racist stereotypes that liberals would have us all believe. Netflix should be ashamed that it’s peddling such filth in an era where Americans are already so divided.

Right now we need to be coming together and healing the divisions between us, not posting stupid videos about how horrible white people are.

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