Netanyahu: We Have “Ironclad Evidence” Obama’s White House Was Behind U.N. Resolution


It was a stab in the back from an Obama administration that was supposed to be Israel’s protector: an abstention from a vote in the United Nations Security Council by the United States that allowed an anti-Israel resolution to pass without a veto.

While the Obama administration has insisted that it wasn’t behind the resolution, that’s not what the Netanyahu government in Israel is saying. According to Fox News, a spokesman for the prime minister’s administration said they had “ironclad” proof that the Obama administration was behind the push to pass the resolution.

The resolution, which condemns settlement activity, has led to a flurry of activity from Israel. The Netanyahu government has severely curtailed diplomatic ties with 12 Security Council countries that voted for the resolution, according to The Hill, and planned settlement activity has increased as a response to the resolution.

Now, David Keyes, the spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu, said that they had proof the Obama administration was behind it all.

“We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” Keyes said Sunday on “America’s News HQ.”

“I think what we’re seeing is an abandonment of Israel, and an abandonment of a long-standing American policy,” Keyes said, adding that Israel was “deeply disappointed” in how America had acted.

Meanwhile, the White House continued to insist it wasn’t behind the decision.

“The Egyptians, in partnership with the Palestinians, are the ones who began circulating an earlier draft of the resolution,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in a statement. “The Egyptians are the ones who moved it forward on Friday. And we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote.”

While the Egyptians were the original movers behind it (and Donald Trump managed to end that with a phone call), this does have all of the hallmarks of Presidents Barack Obama’s way of dealing with the Middle East.

He knew America could never publicly back the resolution, but he also knew if it could be shepherded through and the United States could abstain. Yet more pusillanimity from an administration whose cowardice and misplaced priorities have cost Israel dearly.

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