NBC’s Chuck Todd Admits Media Knew How “Hated” Hillary Was But “Underplayed” It To Help Democrats


NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd admitted Thursday in an interview with former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer in the podcast, “1947,” that mainstream media avoided negative publicity of Hillary Clinton during their campaign to avoid being labeled sexist.

The interview dictated that submissive reporters and people “largely from the same liberal caste” spin the news to fit “damning political correctness that blinds them.”

Chuck Todd said that NBC News reports a “coastal” bias, focusing on liberal ideology in blue states to propagate news that portrayed Americans as favoring Clinton while ignoring the rest of America, which did not.

“What do I think we did wrong in this election?” Todd asked. “The biggest thing is we didn’t tell the stories of all Americans. We told the stories of coastal Americans. And ultimately, that’s like the larger trust issue.”

So because reporters didn’t want people to think they hate women, they were afraid to report on anything negative about a corrupt politician who happens to be female.

Washington Times reports:

NBC’s Chuck Todd confessed that he and others in the mainstream news media played down just how despised Hillary Clinton was in the heartland due to the fear of appearing “sexist.”

[…] “Where I think political correctness got in the way of what we all knew as reporters and didn’t fully deliver was how hated the Clintons were in the heartland,” the “Meet the Press” host admitted Thursday to former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer in a interview for the “1947” podcast.

“And I think it was a fear of, ‘Oh, is it going to look like it’s sexist, anti-woman if we say that?’” he added, pointing out that on the hustings he saw numerous “Hillary for Prison” signs adorning the front yards of rural America.

“I think we underplayed it a little bit out of political correctness fears,” Mr. Todd said. “No member of the press corps wants to look like they’re singling out a group and making a group feel bad, right, whatever that [group] is.

“If we sort of were straight-up honest and blunt about hey do we understand the level of hatred that’s out there and you know, all the Hillary for Prison signs that are out there, we certainly would have at least made the viewer know, hey, you know, she’s not well-liked in some places in this country in ways that’s times 10 when it comes to Trump,” he said.

While women make up half the population, apparently the media is scared that if report on negative images of a woman, Americans will think they hate all females.

It sounds ridiculous because it is.

The media vastly underestimates most Americans who aren’t stupid enough to come to such a ridiculous conclusion.

If angry protesters are shocked that Trump won, it’s because they didn’t get real coverage of nation-wide opposition to Clinton.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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