Nativity Scene Nixed for Fear of Offending the 4 Muslims Who Live in Town


Around this time of year stories emerge of places in America that go out of their way to block public displays celebrating the Christmas season for fear of offending various segments of the population.

These actions don’t just happen in America — they happen all over the world. The town of Holsbeek, Belgium, has run into some stiff resistance when it comes to a public display of a Nativity scene, and some residents attributed the resistance to the town’s Muslim population, the U.K. Express reported.

Some of the Holsebeek’s politicians decided that a public Nativity scene might be offensive and refused to put it up this year.

“The reason was that it would be ‘too provocative for Muslims,’” explained Achiel Claes, a former town alderman. “There are only four Muslims living in town and they will never complain that there is a Nativity scene in city hall.”

Several other sources, such as De Morgan, reported that there were four Muslims living in the town. This number cannot be verified, and it is unclear if the number four was meant literally or simply Claes’ way of saying “a few.” The point was the same either way.

Die Presse noted that the Green Party politicians in the town were trying to sell this ban as separating church and state, not appeasing the few Muslims who lived in town.

“We did it because there needs to be a separation between church and state,” stated Annelies Vander Bracht of the Green Party. “Each municipality can interpret that in its own way. To be as neutral as possible, we took away the Nativity scene.”

I wonder if Bracht’s sentiments about the separation of church and state would still exist if it were a Muslim display in question.

Even some Muslims were protesting this ban on social media.

“Who told you that the Christmas crib for Muslims is offensive?” Yousef Kobo wrote. “The birth of Jesus is also described in detail in the Quran. I have nothing against the Christmas crib.”

Maybe the spineless politicians behind this ban should grow up and stop trying to ban Christmas just to appease a few people who probably aren’t even offended by it.

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