Nancy Pelosi Mistakenly Claims Trump “Has Done Nothing to Create Jobs”

Nancy Pelosi Mistakenly Claims Trump Has Done Nothing to Create Jobs

It’s no secret that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like President Trump. A quick perusal of her Twitter account reveals more ragetweets against the president than your average liberal arts student. And they say Trump’s tweeting is unbecoming.

Pelosi managed to move from “unbecoming” to “laughably wrong” on Twitter Tuesday when she tried to hit Trump over health care reform.

“47 days into his presidency, @realDonaldTrump has done nothing to create jobs — but he’s finding time to #MakeAmericaSickAgain,” Pelosi tweeted.

“#MakeAmericaSickAgain,” in case you were wondering, is the left’s hashtag for any lawmaker who wants to do anything with Obamacare except get down on bended knee and sing songs of unadulterated praise to its munificent creator.

But that’s not what most people noticed.

What most people noticed is that she thinks that the president hasn’t done anything on jobs. Really? Has she not been watching the news lately? (Even San Francisco Democrats have to keep current after all.)

In case Rep. Pelosi has forgotten (because I know she’s a regular reader of ours), here are just a few examples we’ve covered:

Intel: The chipmaker announced last month that it “plans to invest $7 billion into a factory in Chandler, Arizona, that would employ up to 3,000 people directly, and mean up to 10,000 related jobs in the state.”

Fiat Chrysler: The Italian-American automaker is investing $1 billion in the United States, which would create 2,000 jobs. We noted that “(Fiat Chrysler) Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne noted that automakers were loath to invest in or outsource to Mexico thanks to Trump’s tough stand on outsourcing.”

Ford: Another massive automaker “scrapped plans to build a new $1.6 billion plant in Mexico” and decided it “would instead invest $700 million in expanding one of its domestic factories in Flat Rock, Michigan.”

IBM: In an op-ed for USA Today, the computer giant’s CEO promised 25,000 new jobs in America over the course of the Trump administration, as well as $1 billion in “training and development.”

And that’s just a sampling of the stories we’ve covered. Fox News’ Sean Hannity noted that a number of other big names — Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Walmart, and Amazon among them — have said they’ll be bringing jobs to the United States under the Trump administration.

Needless to say, Pelosi had plenty of servings of crow delivered via Twitter. We thought this one summed things up perfectly:

Well played, sir.

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