Nancy Pelosi Caught Lying About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

Nancy Pelosi Caught Lying About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

After it was revealed that former senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions had two meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before President Donald Trump’s election, the Democrat crisis machine went into the fray full-bore to discredit the attorney general. And at the front of charge, of course, was none other than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“The fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath to the American people is grounds for him to resign,” the San Francisco Democrat said at a news conference on Thursday. “He has proved that he is unqualified and unfit to serve in that position of trust.”

Pelosi’s statement is misleading at best. What Sessions told Democrat Sens. Al Franken and Patrick Leahy during his confirmation hearings in January, under oath, is that he had not had any meetings with Russia regarding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — and, as of now, we’ve seen no evidence that this wasn’t the case. Even the “fact-checking” website Politifact acknowledges this (though its known for its liberal bias).

And then there are Pelosi’s own meetings with the Russians. During an interview with Politico on Friday, Pelosi said that she had never met with the Russian ambassador.

So by Friday afternoon, Politico had found photographic evidence that she met with Kislyak back in 2010. (Kislyak is the heavyset, gray-haired man across the table from Pelosi, third from left.)

Nice work.

Pelosi’s office responded predictably, by saying what she meant was that she had never had a one-on-one meeting with Kislyak.

“Leader Pelosi’s answer to the question today was clearly about private, one-on-one meetings, which she has never had with Ambassador Kislyak,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said.

“The ambassador was incidental to the 2010 meeting between then-Russian President Medvedev and then-Speaker Pelosi. Clearly, one needs to remind Politico that Attorney General Sessions lied under oath about a secret meeting amidst Russia’s hacking of our election, which he also didn’t disclose in a written questionnaire.”

What’s hilarious about that response is that, even though it wasn’t given under oath, Pelosi’s answer was more clearly a lie than Sessions’ response was. There’s simply no evidence as of yet that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador about the Trump campaign.

Meanwhile, there’s photographic evidence that she met the Russian ambassador — and Trump couldn’t resist needling her about it.

Ah, Donald. You 140-characters-or-less rapscallion, you.

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