Mystery Man Surprises McDonald’s Employees With Gracious Gesture


McDonald’s workers received an unexpected blessing when an unidentified man began handing out $100 bills to all the employees at the location.

The man is a regular customer at the Fort Worth, Texas location and wished to remain anonymous to the press.

When the man handed out his first $100 bill after not making a purchase an employee can be heard saying “Oh my God!”

Hugs followed as the employees one-by-one received their $100 bill from the customer.

“You could tell it blessed their day. They didn’t come in there [to work] thinking that was going to happen that day… and that was the best part about it,” Lisa Davila, who works for the mystery man, told the local CBS news affiliate.

Her boss not only gave $100 bills to everyone working at the McDonald’s that day, but left cash for all the location’s 33 employees.

Davila explained some of the backstory of his decision to hand out the $100 bills.

Her boss was recently diagnosed with cancer. “He’s at the very beginning. So you know, it’s going to be a long road for him,” she said.

She hopes his act will inspire others, “Pay it forward. That’s the whole idea behind it.”

A man in Salem, Oregon, has garnered the nickname “Benny” for his proclivity to give away $100 bills. Benjamin Franklin’s face appears on the denomination.

USA Today reports that the mystery philanthropist has given away over $50,000 worth of the bills during the last three years in the community.

“He randomly hides the bills to be found at stores, markets, fairs and festivals, surprising and delighting unsuspecting shoppers and patrons,” according to the news outlet.

Many people choose to pay the gesture forward with their own cash or check and keep the “Benny” as a memento.

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