Muslims Notice Reporter Doing Live Shot, Give Her “Islamic Lesson” for Looking Too Pretty

Muslims Notice Reporter Doing Live Shot Give Her Islamic Lesson for Looking Too Pretty

Two apparently Muslim men were recorded providing an “Islamic lesson” to a female reporter in the Netherlands whose otherwise completely normal attire apparently violated the strict dress-code requirements of Shariah law.

“For which channel are you working, sir?” one of the men could be heard in the video, initially uploaded to this weekend, asking the reporter’s male cameraman.

When the reporter replied that she was a woman, the other Muslim thug stepped up to her and began complaining about her clothes.

“I can see half your ass,” he whined.

“Everybody looks at your ass from behind,” his pal then added. “Are you always dressing like this?”

When the woman explained that yes, she always dresses like this, the “Islamic lesson” officially began.

“What a slut you are,” one said. “That’s how sluts dress, too.”

“Fix your clothes,” said the other one. “Try to look more decent.”

“Close your ass, f***ing whore.”

The “Islamic lesson” continued like this for a number of seconds. The two Muslims also complained about the reporter’s news station treatment of Moroccan immigrants, making the case that it makes “corny jokes” about the Islamic religion.

Their concerns regarding such jokes were what led to assume that the men themselves were Muslim. Their sexist and misogynist behavior, which is typical among Muslim men who have no respect for women’s rights, were also very strong indicators.

When exactly the video was recorded remains unknown, though the lesson inherent in it is timeless: Islam and Shariah law are not compatible with Western culture and society, and unless our political leaders stop importing this twisted philosophy into our country, there is one day going to be one hell of a culture war upon us.

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