Muslims Demand Special Treatment from Gov’t, Get Completely Shut Down

Muslims Demand Special Treatment from Govt Get Completely Shut Down

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Europe waking up.

In a landmark ruling that underscored the historic role of public schools in integration and assimilation, a Swiss court has ruled against religion-based sexual segregation, according to NewsEurope.

A Turkish-born family in Basel, Switzerland, complained that the Swiss public schools violated their Muslim religious rights by requiring that boys and girls take swimming lessons together. The Swiss federal court dismissed the case, ruling that education officials had not violated their rights of religion.

Public schools, public rules. How clear did that need to be?

The Basel court of appeal dismissed the claim the following year, and another appeal was thrown out by Switzerland’s federal court in 2012, according to The U.K. Independent.

The parents then took their case to the European Court of Human Rights, which rejected their appeal yesterday, upholding the Swiss court’s 2008 decision.

In a summary of the ruling announced in September 2016, the Strasbourg-based European court acknowledged “interference” in freedom of religion, but ruled that public school had a “special role” in integration, particularly of children of foreign origin.

“Accordingly, the children’s interest in a full education, thus facilitating their successful social integration according to local customs and mores, prevailed over the parents’ wish to have their children exempted from mixed swimming lessons,” the court said, according to the BBC.

“The public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs students’ freedom of conscience (freedom of religion),” stated a local education board.

Every civilized society embraces religious freedom and diversity. What Europe is waking up to is the hard fact that some religions bring with them values that are dangerous to a free society.

These Turks didn’t want equal treatment; they wanted special treatment, and deserved the complete shutdown they received. Cheers to the Swiss for making it clear that sexism, like racism and hatred, has no place in their country.

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