Muslim Woman Drops Truthbomb on Libs After Fox Asks What Country She Feels Safest In

Muslim Woman Drops Truthbomb on Libs After Fox Asks What Country She Feels Safest In

Muslim activist Asra Nomani, who unlike most of her peers admits the existence of radical Islam, made an amazing though not necessarily shocking admission Friday that will no doubt displease both her peers and the radical left.

“I feel more safe in this country than I do in any Muslim country in the world,” she boldly stated during an appearance on Fox News.

This despite the “hashtag intifada,” as Nomani called it, being carried out by liberals against President Donald Trump’s otherwise reasonable and non-discriminatory policies.

What liberals are essentially trying to do, she explained, is “paint America as against Muslims.”

To make matters worse, Muslims extremists are exploiting this narrative to drum up anti-American sentiment and thus potentially drive more terror attacks against the United States.

“And what I fear is that the left is, in fact, cooperating with this narrative that America is, in fact, hostile to Muslims,” Nomani added.


In a column recently published to The Hill that coincided with her appearance on Fox, the Muslim activist highlighted something else — while she feels safe and well in the United States, this sentiment is slowly being eroded by what she dubbed the “alt-left’s cyber jihad,” i.e., the way leftists use hashtags to create real-life mobs.

“For all of the important, albeit hyperbolic, conversations about ‘white supremacists’ and the ‘alt-right,’ we would be well served to confront the very real reality of a dangerous dynamic of liberals in an ‘honor brigade’ who lash out aggressively at others with the false claim they are defending the ‘honor’ of American values of tolerance, diversity and pluralism,” she wrote.

“For the self-confessed crime of my vote for Donald Trump, a liberal Georgetown University professor told me, ‘I’ve written you off as a human being,’ and hurled insult after insult at me, including ‘F–k off. Go to hell,’ and ‘Gloves offn’” Nomani wrote.

Isn’t it ironic? Liberals try to falsely claim America is anti-Muslim, and by doing so they embolden Islamic terrorists. Meanwhile, they lash out at those Muslims who are courageous enough to take a stand against radical Islam.

Here’s the truth: America is plenty safe for Muslims, though for their own well-being, Muslims like Asra Nomani would be wise to keep a safe distance from the sorts of radical leftists who believe standing up for Muslims means acting like out-of-control rugrats.

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