Muslim Does Something SICK to White People at Walmart… Charged With Hate Crime


While the liberal media would have us think most hate crimes are committed by white people, the truth is whites are becoming victims of hate more and more.

We’ve previously reported on how whites are becoming victims of hate crimes  — despite the fact that leftist media rarely cover these kinds of stories.

A case in point of this phenomenon is the arrest of a Muslim woman who allegedly spat on several white customers in a Palm Bay, Fla., Walmart store.

Nahu Mohammed Al-Doaifi was arrested after police received a 911 call. Al-Doaifi, 21, admitted to the police she spat on several people because “Americans are pushing us around.”

The sick thing about this incident is that a white woman attempting to help Al-Doaifi get her cart through the door was spat upon.

Terry Rakowski said in an interview she was merely trying to assist Al-Doaifi as she was repeatedly ramming her cart in the door (H/T N.Y. Daily News).

That was when Al-Doaifi spat on Rakowski. “She just spit all over me,” she said.

It is reported that Al-Doaifi then began spitting on other customers in the store. Because she admitted to spitting on people because of their race, she was charged with a hate crime, according to a spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department.

Al-Doaifi was jailed an issued a $6,000 bond. She faces felony charges if the hate crime allegation sticks.

It was last reported that procedures were initiated to send Al-Doaifi back to Saudi Arabia and we couldn’t be more excited about that.

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